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Southeastern Grasslands Initiative with Dwayne Estes

Here it is, this podcast is a long time coming. Dwayne Estes with the Southeastern Grasslands Initiative is leading the charge of habitat restoration throughout the Southeastern United States. This non-profit is fiercely dedicated to educating the country on the vast diversity of landscapes the southeast us to possess. This diversity includes shortleaf pine woodlands and savannas, and vast grasslands.

The changes this country has endured is incredible and a loss of biodiversity is the concern. These ecological landscapes are home to hundreds of rare plants and animals. Less than 1% of these ecosystems remain today across the southeast. This is a huge concern for our landscape. This amount of loss in habitat is devastating and no one but the SGI is talking about it.

Turn up the volume and take notes! Join the fight and follow along with SGI on Facebook!


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