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Spring Land and Habitat Observation

During this podcast, we cover several important topics that arise every spring in nature. Often times food plots get the glory, but we share with you observations from the field that prove the native forage is providing the bulk of forage for many wildlife critters during this critical stage of the year. Bucks are beginning to grow antlers and does will be dropping fawns and lactating very at any time now. These two processes require large amounts of quality forage to ensure these animals can produce at optimal levels. In addition, turkeys are nesting, we highlight several important habitat features that must be in place for great nesting and brood rearing success.

In addition, to critters, we also discuss the importance of vegetation management, specifically targeting non-native invasive species. After a recent trip back to the East Coast, it became clear that invasives in some areas are more than taking over. We have to make a stand battle back against these invasive plants. Join us in the fight!

We encourage you to be present and observational when in the outdoors. Take in all that nature has in store and be sure to manage the land and wildlife with an open mind. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand


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