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Steps to Take Your Property From Good to Great – 100% Wild Podcast EP152

Longtime DOD team member Bric Steward jumps on the show this week to share his story about taking a farm that was so-so, and making it a mature buck haven! Use his strategies to do the same for your piece of ground. The guys are all a little slap happy, so you’ll definitely want to be a part of this episode! *NOTE*: This podcast was filmed on March 17th, 2020 and all statements made about Covid-19 were made inside the context of that date and time. The Drury Outdoors team have taken all necessary precautions to help protect the well being of its employees and are all working from home to continue providing our fans with quality content. Subscribe to the show on the platform of your choice: Apple – Android – Stitcher – YouTube – This show is proudly brought to you by onX Hunt. Learn more at Want to get ahead of your game? Get DeerCast! – Get ahead of your Game with DeerCast available on iOS and Android devices
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