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The Best Turkey Hunting Strategies for THIS Weekend: April 22-24, 2022

Do you plan on turkey hunting this weekend? See what strategies we will be using to tag a tom! Grant Woods, Ph.D Wildlife Biologist, shares what he's seeing on trail cameras that indicates where the turkeys are in their breeding season. This information is critical to figuring out the best place and time to be hunting turkeys. He also gives advice for different regions of the country based on what the turkeys are doing – stage of the breeding season – in that region and turkey hunting tips specific to that area. Turkey hunting is not always easy. We all love it when the gobblers respond to our calls then come in strutting with big fans, long beards and wings dragging. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Some days hunters just have to work harder and smarter to get those toms in range. The weather has played havoc with turkey hunting these past few weeks. We’ve had hunters from Tennessee, Kansas, Missouri to Wisconsin and states in-between share their frustrations with hunting and the unusual spring weather: colder temperatures, rain, and even snow.
Our encouragement to you if you haven’t tagged yet is to remember the three “P’s” of turkey hunting: patience, persistance and position. @GrowingDeerTV
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