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The Hunt – Buck Down! Hunting Hidey Hole food Plots, Part 2

Daniel hunts a hidey hole food plot with nearby cover and an active scrape. It's the pre-rut and bucks are moving! Watch the hunt come together when a buck gets tagged! To see the strategy for this hunt, check out this video, Bucks are moving a lot during the prerut looting for receptive does. Bucks will use a lot of energy and even though they aren’t on food cover patterns they will still need to grab a few bites of food to keep tier energy up. Receptive does will seek cover from pesky bucks so being in. During the pre-rut scrape activity is increasing as bucks deposit and check scent at a scrape. This is an important communication hub for deer and can be great for seeing and tagging bucks during mid to late October. However, as more and more does become receptive as we approach the rut, scrape activity will die off so need to monitor scrape activity and plan your hunts according to the most recent information and sign . As we approach the peak of the rut, we’ll be sharing daily observations and hunting strategies on our social media pages so make sure you follow our pages. #deerhunting #TeamOutdoors was created by Dr. Grant Woods as a means to share his love for managing and growing white-tailed deer. The goal is to provide current, useful information about deer hunting and deer management in an on-demand video format. Our episodes show what we are doing in the field, our hunting and management activities, week to week. These principals shown for land management and deer management are applicable for hunter on private or hunting public land. A new episode is released each Monday, 52 weeks a year with no repeats. We occasionally share special mid-week episodes on Thursday or Friday if we’ve had an action packed week of hunts or habitat management projects.


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