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The Importance of Nesting Cover for Turkeys and Quail

Recently we sat down with some of the top Wild Turkey Biologists in the country who are studying the decline of turkey populations through the South and Southeast. We’re taking another look into some of the biggest factors causing unsuccessful nests when we chat with our very own Kyle Hedges. 

You may have heard that Turkey and Quail can have multiple nests a year if the first one fails, but have you ever considered why it’s important to try and create a landscape where the first nest is successful? What’s the impact of snakes, raptors, and raccoons as the summer progresses? Once you understand the movement patterns of some of these predators you can then begin to manage accordingly. 

Kyle and Adam will discuss a variety of topics and management techniques that you should be using to combat the all famous nest predators. Some techniques are very cost effective, very easy labor and can greatly increase your nest success. If you’re managing for all wildlife don’t miss this podcast! #FORLOVEOTHELAND

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