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The Pitfalls of Managing for Big Bucks Only

Being out on the road a lot during this time of the year, we begin to see many different habitat types that are struggling and begging to be managed in a better way. During this weeks podcast, we discuss the recent observations from the field. We cover states like Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, and Ohio.

In addition, we pose the question, what if we only managed for big bucks. What would the landscape look like, what would be the priorities of our time when on the property? How would this affect the overall health of the property? Would the land increase in diversity or would it diminish as we begin to fear working the land?

We answer all these questions and continue to support why managing for diversity and managing for plant communities rather than for specific plants is far more rewarding and healthier for the land. We hope you enjoy and share with someone new this week! Enjoy. Learn. Share!

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