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The Recipe for Producing Top Caliber Deer ANYWHERE

The excuse of I don’t live in Iowa or Kansas anymore doesn’t work. Big deer can be produced anywhere across the country! No matter the state, the resources are present on the landscape, they just need to be managed in a way to produce the results you are looking for.

A developed age structure in a whitetail herd is difficult to come by in many portions of the country. The number of older bucks in the herd is simply less in states like West Virginia or North Carolina, but that does not mean that buck cannot get big in North Carolina or West Virginia. We are simply scratching the surface on how big deer can get and what states can produce superior caliber deer.

If you have any doubting friends, be sure to share this podcast with them. If you know anyone who feels limited by their area or state, share this podcast and start a co-op! Change the game and change the habitat in the process! #ForLoveoftheLand

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