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The Truths of Trapping Predators

This week’s podcast Kyle and Frank go deep into the history of trapping and the complex dynamics of predator-prey relationships. Both Kyle and Frank are experienced trappers and actively trap predators each season, from coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, all the way to beavers and muskrats. 

With their biological research and extensive landscape management experiences, Kyle and Frank settle the argument of the implications of reducing predator numbers to improve game species such as turkey, whitetail deer, and bobwhite quail. There is not a direct correlation to reducing predator numbers and having prey responded with higher reproduction rates as this relationship is super complex. So with these research results, what does a land manager do to improve reproductive rates? The answer is simple, actively manage the habitat! 

If you want to evaluate your impact and make the largest positive impact on the property you manage, then devote time to habitat restoration practices. Trapping is fun and a recreational opportunity, but to raise more turkeys and fawns each year, WORK THE HABITAT! Enjoy.Learn.Share! 

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