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The Value of Old-Field Management

One of the goals that we have set out to achieve with Land & Legacy is to change mindsets when it comes to managing the land. The current model of land management is tainted and skewed by placing improper value on food plots, mineral, and supplemental feeding. This has tainted the extreme value associated with managing our natural resources. This podcast is devoted to sharing the success of one Land & Legacy client in Ohio.

Todd Watts has been managing his property for 3 full years now. When he first set out to make improvements, like most, he focused solely on food plots. Todd shares how he found some success with this, but he knew it was only limited. The next steps he took was to focus on converting hay fields into crop fields. Again, this only added more temporary food on the landscape. this further improved the farm from the beginning, but still left major voids in his plan.

This farm was missing one of the key elements necessary to hold and grow big deer, cover. Without cover, deer will still occupy large ranges as they travel long distances and often only reach destination food resources at dark. Knowing this to be true, Todd called Land & Legacy and the farm began with a facelift and redirection of time and resources. Immediately upon arriving on the farm, we took notice to the large acreage left unmanaged. The slopes or old pasture land was still dominated by fescue. These days, the same acres, are 5 foot tall and covered in native forbs, providing quality cover and tons of forage. These acres now produce annually, 3,000 lbs of digestible forage.

To learn how this transformation occurred, join us on this week’s podcast! You will be amazed at how this change in mindset has changed the outlook and productiveness of this property. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand


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