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Timber Management and Bedding Thickets

It’s easy to get on a piece of ground and start thinking food plots and how to make more of them. Food plots are a great hunting strategy and attraction, but it’s important to never get to focused on them. Last winter Adam assisted the guys at Sunshine Legacy Farms with their habitat management plan and it’s taken them in a whole new direction!

Having defined bedding areas is an important part of a hunting strategy, but what is proper bedding? Is woody saplings 10 or 15 feet tall adequate bedding? Or a stand of warm season grasses? After a few hours of running a chainsaw in parts of their farm the change was obvious. It became even more obvious when he began to drive by and notice the defined trails leaving the food plots and headed towards the bedding thickets. This work came full circle when Russell made his first walk into one of the bedding thickets to observe the large amount of beds and browse from the deer utilizing the work he made back in the winter.

During this podcast Adam and Russell discuss what land management looked like prior to Land & legacy consulting on the property and how it has changed so much since January. They’re now looking at techniques that improve large amounts of the property rather than the few acres in food plots. Prescribed fire, timber management, old field management, edge feathering, these are all things they’re working to build upon to make Sunshine Legacy Farms one of the top farms in their region.

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