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Top 8 Mock Scrape Fails

Are you experiencing mock scrape failure? I came up with mock vine scrapes with vertical vine licking branches years ago. After 10s of thousands of mock scrape observations between my own scrapes and then mostly scrapes on my client lands, I've narrowed it down definately to what works and what does not work. There have been so many mock scrape failures along the way! There is an art for making mock scrapes the right way (some flatteringly have even said the Sturgis way), and I greatly enjoy showing folks how they work and teaching how to create them correctly. The risk of failure is high if you follow these mock scrape fails that I have learned from myself and others. However, your rate of success can be extremely high if your learn what not to do – just as much as your learn actually WHAT to do. Here are several tips for how to make sure that your mock scrapes are a huge success to the local deer herd, right NOW!


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