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Trail Camera Videos: Summer 2021 Turkey Poults, a GREAT Hatch!

However, the number of turkeys there are to chase is influenced by many factors. As wildlife managers there are several things that we can do to help encourage healthy populations. There are also factors that are beyond our control. We trap turkey predators each year. By reducing the number of hungry predators, turkey eggs have a better chance to hatch and mature if the conditions are favorable. Another way we help encourage a successful hatch is by providing high quality habitat. We use prescribed fire during the late winter months to create ideal nesting habitat for the spring. With fewer predators in the area and quality habitat, hens and poults have the ability to express their potential. However, rain is often an influencer of turkey numbers. Timely spring rains can destroy turkey nests or result in the death of young poults. #TeamOutdoors. #TurkeyHunting #WildlifeManagement

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