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Tricking Out a Kansas Farm

On this week’s podcast, Matt, Kyle, and Frank breakdown the steps it is going to take to convert an under-utilized farm in Kansas into a dynamic wildlife rich property. Currently, these parcels have several key elements to attract, hold and harvest various wildlife game species.

On the podcast, we cover topics such as CRP buffers, managing nesting/brood rearing cover for quail, creating corridors for wildlife, timber stand improvements, cattle and grazing contract management, cover crops, soil improvements, water quality, covey headquarter establishment, cedar removal, prescribed fire, and much more. All of these elements with the appropriate layout will turn what appears to be game rich lands into actual dynamic, functional, and income-producing properties. Not every property in Kansas can produce giant deer, however, executing this habitat plan will get them well on their way!

Be sure to share this podcast with those who can benefit from maximizing and managing the resources on their lands. Thanks for listening! Enjoy.Learn.Share!

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