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Turkey Management Time

Well it is that time of the year again when we have turkey hunting on the brain! You can’t have good turkey hunts without successful turkey hatches. During this week’s podcast, we discuss the many different ways that you can manipulate the land to improve wild turkey numbers.

Many of the ways we manage for turkeys is by promoting early successional cover, annual weeds, native browse, and forbs are all necessary components of prime turkey habitat. These weeds not only produce seed but generally produce a canopy of cover to help protect young turkey broods. Some of the ways we choose to promote these weeds are by doing dormant season discing, prescribed fire, old-field management, and leaving crop fields fallow.

Be sure to listen and follow along to this week’s podcast to learn more about promoting great cover for wild turkeys. We wish everyone a safe and productive turkey season as many seasons are already open across the south. Enjoy.Learn.Share!


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