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Ultimate No Till Food Plot Planting Recipe

The Ultimate No Till Food Plot is the easiest and most universally available of food plotting for deer, that you can plant. No tractor, no tiller no disc? No problem. Do you have a tractor, disc and tiller? Awesome! No matter how much equipment you own or how large of a food plot program that you plant, the Ultimate Food Plot system I originated in the early 2000s, is for you! From weed control to June buckwheat plantings to seeding, crushing and spraying for a portion of the final no till food plot steps, here is the complete recipe for making sure that you get your Ultimate No Till Food Plot planted correctly. Make sure not to stray from this decades proven planting method because like my mock scrape practices and all of my other original strategies, this no till food plot recipe is the best way to get the job done.


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