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Upland Bird Hunting and Building the Hunting Heritage

How did you become passionate about the outdoors? For several of us at Land & Legacy is was upland bird hunting behind a bird dog. Unfortunately this tradition is slipping away and at a much faster rate than we may realize. What has caused the hunting community to lose so many hunters in such a short time?

During this podcast we cover a wide variety of topics, including what we believe could help in getting more youth involved in the outdoors. Our passion for hunting wasn’t started with cold sits in a treestand. We also discuss the population numbers for this fall, how to begin preparing for the season and what hunting season will look like for Frank this fall.

Did you also hear about the recent Brown Trout that was caught in Missouri that was less than three pounds away from the world record? This podcast will cover that too! Our conversation takes a variety of trails during this recording and it’s nothing you want to miss.

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