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Using onX Hunt to Find Your Next Hunting Property!

Dr. Grant Woods, Wildlife Biologist, shares ideas on how to hunt four different properties from 20 – 60 acres Before getting boots on the ground, start studying a map to any property you're planning to hunt: scout the location of water, food, cover and topo features. Make sure you also look at neighboring properties! Then use this information to make a plan: how to approach, hunt and exit the area. Using a map is the first step to having a great hunting season! Lot of tips in this video to jumpstart scouting and hunting whitetails using an OnX map!  start 0:00
20 Acres, Missouri 0:55
60 Acres, Georgia 2:47
60 Acres, Hardwoods 4:40
Midwest Lease with Ag 6:25
Wrap-Up 7:46


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