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What Makes a Larger Impact? Managing Coyotes or Antlerless Deer

Well, sit back and get ready for a debate. This week is full of science, hard data, and truth about managing for a bigger impact. Our goal here is to provide information that will allow landowners to accomplish their goals the quickest and to educate them along the way. So why not debate two hot topics and see which one science will reveal as the most impactful. 

For years, hunters or deer managers have been trying to better understand the coyote and how they impact deer populations. Without a doubt, their presence impacts the species as some are certainly killed, but also pressure and alertness are impacted as well. What isn’t often discussed is the pressure that too many antlerless deer within a herd will do, or a herd that is over the areas carrying capacity. Bucks and does are in direct competition for those resources, they both eat the same plants, they both choose the same or best cover to hide in. So they are in direct competition for the same resources. But when we look at the home ranges and effectiveness to impact populations, our time will be best served on managing the deer herd versus killing coyotes. 

This discussion is sure to stir the pot, but take time to listen with an open mind. Share with those land managers who need to hear this news! Enjoy.Learn.Share! 

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