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What Makes Deer More Active:Tips For More Effective Deer Hunting (689)

Grant shares observations about a major cold front that recently moved through the area and the associated deer movement. That event provided useful data on the relationship between weather and deer movement, generating useful tips for hunters on how to hunt more effectively. Deer season has ended and a lot of folks are using this time to get out in the woods to find fresh sign and shed antlers! These adventures can provide great information about where deer are moving and the habitat they are using this time of year. Many hunters know that weather fronts can influence deer movement. The more we understand this relationship, we can make wiser decisions on when and where to hunt. @GrowingDeertv used the data provided by the Moultrie Mobile app to gain insights into weather changes and correlations to increased, or decreased, deer activity. Within the Moultrie Mobile app the activity feature compiles all the images and video data with graphs of when images were taken based on time of day, temperature, and other factors. See how all of this provided some great info on when to plan hunts to see more deer! @GrowingDeerTV
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