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When Will The 2nd Whitetail Rut Begin?

Is the 2nd rut for real? You betcha! Whether you have heard it referred to as the 2nd rut or the secondary rut, this is not only one of the best times of thenseaspn to hunt; it is also the most missed time of the year to hunt! The 2nd rut can be hunted with the exact same tips and strategies as the primary rut. The only difference between the primary rut and the secondary rut? Fewer bucks are alive and fewer does will enter estrsus. In fact, just a fraction of the local does will enter estrus during thensecondary rut compared to the primary rut. Here is how to navigate the 2nd rut so that you can enjoy this incredible whitetail opportunity! And remember, if you like hunting during times of thenseason when you have the woods to yourself, then the secondary rut is for YOU! To make sure that your deer hunting land is set up to enjoy the 2nd rut as much as possible, check out my latest land design web class at: Before you head to the woods to hunt deer during the secondary rut, make sure to use and understand my weather forecast deer hunting predictions thru HuntCast, at:


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