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Where To Hunt Buck Bedding Areas

A buck bedding area is the most sacred area in the woods however, buck bedding areas aren't that hard to find! I scout for buck bedding areas on over 100 client parcels per year and the clues for where bucks bed on any parcel -public or private land- can be found before you ever even step foot in the woods. You need to find the combination of high quality food that creates adjacent doe bedding, and then find enough habitat left over for bucks to bed. Once the table is set for buck bedding on the lands that you hunt, an easy but highly effective asembledge of stands can be created to take advantage of where a bucks bed. Here is where to find him when you hunt this Fall… When you hunt private land, creating a habitat plan that includes buck bedding can be very easy if you follow the steps in my web class, "How To Design Your Whitetail Parcel". Please check out the class at,


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