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Whiplash – The Story of a 6.5 Year-Old Whitetail

On this podcast, we chat with Land & Legacy contributor Seth Harker. Seth is a life-long resident of Southern Missouri and has taken his fair share of mature whitetails in the area. The story and hunt for a buck named Whiplash is one that starts several years ago. On a recent rut hunt, Seth completed the story by arrowing this 157 2/8th inch bruiser.  

During the podcast, we will chat about the years of development and details that lead to the recent harvest of Whiplash. You will hear how critical it is to record and catalog trail camera images once a solid deer has been noted. Watch the range and patterns develop over the years to make the strategic game plan. Habitat improvements like clear-cutting can decrease the range of an individual buck of interest just like it did for Whiplash. 

Even during the rut, deer can be patterned! It is important to take notice of these patterns that develop so you can replicate the success that Seth just experienced. Being patient and diligent will kill target deer. Don’t glaze over the details during this time of the year. Now is when you take notice of patterns to fill tags for next season. 

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