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Whitetail Food Plot Tips: Plant Based On Conditions NOT the Calendar (655)

Grant Woods, Ph.D Wildlife Biologist, shares tips for easy, successful fall food plots. No heavy equipment is needed in these small food plots – inexpensive hand tools and a little leg work is all that is needed. No rain during planting season can be a huge problem. It is important to remember that seeds are living organisms – a hot, dry environment is not good. Everyone dreams about having that lush food plot to go hunt during the early season before the acorns are falling. But if it’s so dry, it is better to wait and make sure food plots are successful so they are there throughout the season than try to rush it and have a failure. Most cool season food plot forage varieties do best when they are planted 45-60 days before the first average frost date during fall. It’s easy to find the average first frost date where you live by simply searching online. #DeerHunting #TeamOutdoors #FoodPlots


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