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Why Buy A Tractor For Food Plots and Deer Lands?

Are you about to buy a tractor to plant your food plots and to help you work on your small deer hunting parcel? Then you need to watch this video and make absolutely sure that you actually NEED a tractor. Should you buy a food plot? Which tractor should you buy? What size tractor should you buy? What tractor implements should you buy? Maybe you do not even need to answer those common deer hunting tractor questions. After placing over 500 hours of seat time on my last tractor during the 2000s, a beloved Kubota L4610, I barely used it the last 2 years that I owned it. Your resources of time and money can potentially be be much more wisely used, if you consider NOT buying a tractor. Make sure that you watch this video with your spouse out of the room, if you are trying to convince them that you need a tractor for your deer parcel…

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