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Why Hunters Are Seeing Fewer Wild Turkeys And What to Do About It! (633)

Hunters around the nation report seeing and harvesting fewer turkeys over the last few years. Grant explains what has possibly caused the wild turkey populations to decline along with actions to take to reverse the trend. The GrowingDeerTV team have been avid turkey hunter for many years. We’ve experienced years with lots of turkeys and other season with not as many. However, we’ve never experienced a decline in turkey populations on such a large scale as it occurring now. It’s not just our observations that concern me. Several state agencies have noticed a decline in turkey populations and are wisely changing the seasons and bag limits. South Carolina, Alabama and other states are making changes to turkey season dates, bag limits, and even when decoys can be used. Hunters need to take these changes to turkey populations seriously! There’s not a lot of time to waste so please become involved now. A good place to start is to become a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation and visit with the state wildlife agency where you hunt.
#turkeyhunting #teamoutdoors About our channel: Our episodes show what we are doing in the field, our hunting and management activities, week to week. A new episode is released each Monday, 52 weeks a year with no repeats. We occasionally share special mid-week episodes on Thursday or Friday if we’ve had an action packed week of hunts or habitat management projects. All our episodes are available for viewing anytime at episodes will include action packed hunts, proven hunting strategies, food plot and trail camera techniques, practical advice for common problems and the gear it takes to get it all done.

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