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Why Hunters Saw Fewer Turkeys This Season: Turkey Hunting 2022

Turkey season is closed here in Missouri. We had some good turkey hunts and lots of action. But a lot of hunters throughout the turkey’s range didn’t have quite as good a season. Watch this video to see why that happened and what hunters can do about it if you are hunting public or private lands. 00:00 Start
00:19 Seeing fewer turkeys?
00:36 Hens Nesting & Poults
00:45 Turkey Breeding Cycle
01:01 Turkey Poults 01:35 Why Easily Found by Predators
02:03 Changing Turkey Habitat 02:31 New Trapping Laws
03:34 How Trapping Helps
05:01 Research @GrowingDeerTV
#deerhunting #TeamOutdoors This video is for those asking questions such as:
Why is the wild turkey population decreasing?
Are wild turkeys declining?
Does trapping help turkey population?
What is threatening the turkey population today? Are turkeys going extinct?
What is nest predation? How do you protect a turkey nest from predators?


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