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Why You shouldn’t Shoot Does

Should you shoot a doe? Of course there are times that you need to lower the deer population, but there are also many times that you should raise the deer population! Knowing when to say when is when it comes to doe harvest, is when the real act of stewardship of land and beast takes place. Here is your complete guide for knowing when to shoot does or NOT… *Up to 40% OFF First Lite Code 11/15 to 12/28/2022: *25% OFF HuntCast!! Make sure that you are practicing my highly proven weather based hunt predictions when you head out to shoot does or not! Check it out at: Podcast: *Do you want to create a great deer population in balance with the habitat? Check out ALL of my Whitetail Web Classes for the latest tips: *Our new North and South SWITCHGRASS PERMA COVER BLENDS are available NOW! Check out our for more details.

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