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Wildlife and Livestock Friendly Pastures

If you have hunted long enough, you’ve heard or been apart of the common struggle that exists between cattle farmers and hunters. This tension can be broken when goals and understanding of pasture management and wildlife are discussed. It is very unproductive to have just cool-season grasses working for livestock. The number of productive growing degree days is severely limited when only cool-season forage present. You can get more out of you land and pastures with diverse plantings to capture more energy.

These diverse plantings when adding in legumes to your typical grasses like fescue and smooth brome jump in the attractiveness and forage ability for whitetail deer. By adding species like red clover, alfalfa, and white clover to common fields, you can increase the draw and benefit wildlife will have on these acres. Rather than pastures being a void of game species, you can attract them to these areas with the appropriate forages that will benefit cattle as well.

In addition to the perennial plants mentioned, there are countless fall annual crops that can be planted by drilling or broadcasting into bland pastures or hayfields after a heavy grazing session or once the final cutting of hay has occurred that year. Don’t overlook the benefit of having open acres on a property you hunt even if livestock are on it. Capture then energy from the sun by diversifying pasture land and finding the healthy balance between wildlife and livestock on your property. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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